Surviving The Declutter Age

Published on 2/7/2019

Surviving the Decluttering Age


We have all been there.  We spend three hours looking for our box of parts to something that has been discontinued for years.  In our frustration we ask our spouse (Crusader of Declutter) where things are and the dreaded answer “I threw that junk away” reach our ears.    Instead of filing for divorce or having an argument that costs endless nights loss of sleep I have created a survival guide.  This guide will hopefully prevent your items from being thrown away by a Crusader of the Declutter Age.

    The purpose of this guide is for anyone to reach the Judgement Free Zone.  If any random Crusader enters your storage space they will refrain from exclaiming “Why are you storing all this junk”. 


     An open box with unidentified items will be surefire targets of declutter crusaders.   The Crusader usually finds out what unidentified items were after they are at the landfill.    Labels are a good way to communicate to the crusader that these items are off limits however it depends on how you label it.  For example, “Old Radio Parts” will be a thrown out.   Sometimes too much information will cause great loss.  To protect dubious items simply label “Property of __________”    That should work unless divorce is filed. 

2. Good Containers

   If you have your treasures in a box that is lockable and not visible to prying eyes you may be able to keep it.  It may help to label it so only you know what is inside.  Using codes like Bobs Things (f) for fishing.  This automatically places you in the Judgement Free Zone.

3.  A Good Storage Unit

    If you are having difficulty with random items disappearing or getting lost it may be time to invest in good storage.  You may have the ability to organize things to your liking.  Search for units that meet your needs in preserving your treasures.  Electronics, leather, wine, art, furniture and bedclothes should all be in climate control.  Lighting may help you find something quickly.   Remember finding what you are storing is key.  There are aps available to help you keep things organized.  Don’t be afraid to ask your storage manager for ideas.  Ask about pest control, cameras, gated access, and storage options.


Reasons why the Crusader threw it away

1.  It Smells

      If your hunting clothes wreak of aging doe urine they may end up in a communal burning by neighboring Crusaders of Clutter.  An open container of catfish dip bait may cause whole tackle boxes to disappear.   Seal up your containers to prevent a life time of fishing tackle ending up in the trash.



2. It Leaks Something

     Crusaders believe if it leaks it is not valuable.  Your home brew equipment should be stored in a climate controlled space to prevent bursting.  Containers are important.


3. It looks broken

Projects are always thrown away unless you can intervene.  Communication may help by posting notes about parts on order.  You can also place a “property of  _____ and use your neighbors name. 

4.  It never gets used

Moving things every six months may help.  Tell the Crusader stories about how much you used something while they were away.  “Wow, I saved lots of time using that drywall jack.  I mowed the yard in 15min.”  Getting your own storage unit is a good idea.


Jimani Self Storage

Manager Aaron Ruble